Requesting Time Off

Time off requests can be made from the time off widget on your dashboard:

Or through the time off drop down:

then click "Request Time Off"

Step 1: Time Away From Work

Select which bank you would like to request time from

Then date you would like the request to begin

And the last date of your request

Notes can be added to inform your supervisor of the reason for the request

Files can also be added if required (like a doctor's note for a sick day)

Step 2: Paid Time Off

Your starting balance will show you the current balance for this bank type you will have at the start date of this request

Choose which days of the request you would like to take as paid days off by moving the slider for that day to the right

Depending on your company restrictions, you can also choose how much time you would like to take as paid time off for that day

Your ending balance will reflect your remaining balance for this bank type after your request is approved

Once you are finished, click the save button and your supervisor will be notified of your request

You can make changes to your request up until it is approved by your supervisor

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