Time Clock Approval, Editing and Notifications

Go to the time clock

Click the gear to reveal time clock settings

These can be customized for your entire team, by position or for an individual employee

Can the user edit their own time clock:

This will allow the user to make edits, additions, and deletions to their own time clock. This provides less edits required by the manager at the end of the week but allows the user to make adjustments you may not want them to make.

Can the user approve their own hours?

This will allow the user to approve their own hours, indicating to accounting that these hours are ready to be paid.

Can the user see their payroll edit history?

This will allow the user to see all edits of their payroll clock by either themselves or their manager.

Notify the user whenever their shift is edited?

This will send a notification to the user every time their shift is edited to ensure that they are kept notified that their time was adjusted.

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