Time Clock Access Restrictions: GPS Tracking, Authorized Terminals and IP Address

The honeybeeBase Time Clock can be customized to restrict access for users. This allows you to control the areas or locations that users are allowed to make time punches. This can be done by: limiting where they can use the time clock by IP address, restricting users to only be able to use authorized terminals, or tracking GPS coordinates when they use the mobile app.

Note: These restrictions will not have any impact on any other features of the website. Example: A user will still able able to log in from home to request time off. 

These settings are controlled through time clock settings:

Go to the time clock

Click the gear to reveal time clock settings

These can be customized for your entire team, by position or for an individual employee

Limiting access by IP Address or Authorized terminal

With this function on, users will only be able to access the time clock through two ways:

How to enable authorized terminals

Log into the desired terminal as a time clock administrator, go to the time clock

Click the gear and then click the "enable terminal" button

Users that attempt to access the time clock without meeting these parameters will see the following message:

Requiring GPS Coordinates when using the app

With this function on, users will not be able to clock in or out on the mobile app without their phone determining there GPS Coordinates.

While the phone is attempting to find their coordinates, users will see the following message:

Once their coordinates have been found, the way point next to their name will turn green and they will be allowed to record a punch:

If the user has not given honeybeeBase permission to use their location services, coordinates will not be able to be found and the following message will be displayed:

Supervisors can then verifying employee locations by viewing GPS punches on the employees time card

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