Creating Pay Periods and Exporting User's Hourly Data

Pay periods can be set up to view user's hourly data for a specific period of time. This data can then be exported to Quickbooks Online, Gusto or a spreadsheet.

Creating Pay Periods

Pay periods are created through the time clock

Click the "accounting" button at the bottom of the page

Click the "add" button to create a new pay period

Pick the date you would like the period to start and end on. Payroll groups can be set up if you would like to only include certain users in a payroll period. 

Note: the same user can not be used in more than one payroll period in which the dates overlap

Click Save

Once back on the Payroll Period Administration page, pick your payroll period and click "Time Worked"

From here you can view all of the included user's hours for the period, divided into weeks.

Hours that have not been approved will be indicated by this icon:

Hours that have been approved will be indicated by this icon:

Locking Records

You can lock records from this period, freezing all the data by sliding "Lock Records" to the right

Exporting data to a spreadsheet

You can choose how you would like to export the data by clicking the "Export Spreadsheet" button

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