Alert Settings

Alerts are a create tool to get a quick message out to your entire staff and ensure they've read it. When active, they will display on the main dashboard and time clock.

Turn on Alerts 

Make sure that you have alerts enabled in settings. Click Settings:

Click "Who can see what sections?":

Make sure that Alerts is slid to the on position:

Create your first alert:

Alerts are available under the communication tab

Click Add

  • Title: Name of the alert as it will appear in the administrator list
  • Send Notification: This will notify your users that there is an alert that needs their attention. Note: This feature cannot be used for alerts that are scheduled to be published in the future
  • Content: The alert text you would like to display for your users
  • Publish date: The date that you would like the alert to first appear
  • End Date: The last date you would like the alert to appear
  • Require Acknowledgement: This will prompt a "Please Acknowledge" button for the user on the alert

Alert admins can then view the date and time each user acknowledged the alert in the alert report

  • Always present or part of random rotation: If you have multiple alerts, you can choose to display all of them at the same time or rotate through them.

  • Pictures can also be added to alerts

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