Creating a public access terminal (wall style time clock)

Public access terminals are a nice feature to allow all your employees to clock in and out from a central location using a unique pin. 

They can be created from the time clock main menu:

Click "Your Team's Public Access" to reveal the settings:

Slide "Allow public link for your team" to the right to activate this setting:

For a secondary level of security, you can also choose to require employees to enter a pin along with their payroll ID:

Once you have your settings configured, you can then bookmark your public link on the devices you would like to use for your time clock:

You can change your public link at any time, but this will cause your current public link to no longer work on all devices

Using your public access link:

Once you have bookmarked your link, employees can use their Payroll ID pin to clock in (Payroll ID pins can be created in User Settings)

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